Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I am the sixteenth silliest thing on the Internet

We've all heard the old saying in it's many variations. "That guy is so silly that if you looked up the word 'silly' in the dictionary you'd find his picture." Now I'm a pretty silly guy so people have certainly said such things about me, but if you look today in the OED you're still not very likely to find any reference to me. However, if you do a Google Image search for the world 'silly', you will, in fact, find my picture on the front page at number sixteen*.

My friend, Adam, recently had need for some silly images and stumbled upon a picture of our friend Char and I, picture number one on page two of the search results. After he sent us an email with this announcement of our new-found fame we moved five places onto the prestigious first page.

This silly picture was taken by Char's boyfriend, Owen, at a pool party I had and subsequently posted it to his apparently well-indexed, highly-linked photo blog. Google's page ranking being the infallible, acid test for Internet poplar opinion that it is, I think I can safely declare that Char and I are the number sixteen most silly thing on the Internet.

* Google page rankings being as fickle as they are, this number is likely to be changed both by the time this is posted and also as a result of it being posted.


Jesi said...

ah, the power of google rankings. it brings back memories.

Mike Machenry said...

What memories? Did you try to Google bomb a picture of yourself to 'awesome' or something?