Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dr. Scheme, you complete me

My roommate, Amy, has been doing an indexing project for a company as a private contractor. The job involves a lot of data entry so I ask, as I always do, if there are applications for custom software in the project. Nothing bothers me more than seeing people doing work that a computer could be doing.

I wrote a program to aid in her data entry which included a quick, hundred-line hack to do auto-completion. I sent it to my friend Jacob for comments who sent it to his adviser Robby, who was my adviser when I worked full time as a research assistant for the PLT. Robby had a lot of suggestions to make it a lot prettier and lot more user-friendly, all of which Jacob has since implement.

After Jacob's handy work the code went into the core DrScheme framework. Auto-completion was one of the most requested features for Dr. Scheme so we're all pretty excited that it's finally in there. Robby posted a blog entry to the PLT Scheme Blog announcing the features and there was much rejoicing. A party was thrown, prizes have been awarded, two volcanoes erupted, and parade is planned for next Sunday.


Joe said...

congrats! is it helping Amy?

Mike Machenry said...

Well actually she hasn't yet had time to work more on the project. But it seems like it will save a bunch of time when she does. Maybe she'll post a follow-up comment when she's indexed a few more files.


amy said...

We need to get the CSV export bit added on, and then I will index the hell out of everything! And report back on how awesome it is. Scout's honor.

Anonymous said...

So much for the scouts

Mike Machenry said...

Yeah, no kidding, Amy. You are kicked out of the scouts. Actually as it turns out Amy decided to quite her data entry job since it was hard to get up the motivation to use her day off to catalog a bunch of data. So she's no longer using the program. But at least auto-completion is still being used in Dr. Scheme.