Monday, January 11, 2010

Ocean Voices

Halsey and I have been hard at work on Roundware this past year. A new version of the server was rolled out, clients for the iPhone and Android are in the works, and a new web-based client was written for our newest project with The California Academy of Sciences.

Today CAS officially announced the launch of
Ocean Voices, an ocean environmental awareness website. Ocean Voices is a collaboration between sound artist Halsey Burgund and marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols.

The idea is to solicit voices from around the world to contribute to an ever-building composition about the ocean and what it means to all of us. You can go to now and start telling us what the ocean means to you. Tell us a story of the last time you were in the ocean or perhaps take a shot at explaining where the ocean comes from.


Anonymous said...
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Mihoko Hakata said...

Hey Mike! How have you been? :D is Amazing! You guys are Super COOL!! Also, I am really happy to know there is a person like J. He is living my ideal life: supporting nature and making art at the same time ;D How have you been? When we have another dindin, will let you guys know ;)

Mike Machenry said...

Hey Mihoko,

Sounds great. We should do dinner again soon. Hope things are going well.