Saturday, February 14, 2009

Transitive Relation Limerick

A couple of days ago Randy posted to his blog about going to Limerick, Ireland and also about his Limerick Database project, a great source for some really nerdy limericks. Then last night, Sarah, while cleaning her room, found a really nerdy limerick I wrote about transitive relations. All this, mind you, happening a day after I told Colin that I would make it a point to post to my blog more often.

My blog has regrettably been grossly neglected these past few months. I promise you (and I mean that in the singular sense since I'm fairly certain there is probably only one reader left out there) that this will change very soon. So with out any further, unnecessary back story, here is a limerick to tide you over until I create my next, more substantial post.

If A=B is true
And B=C is too
Transitivity will say
That any which way
If you ever need A, C will do


Ben said...

Turns out I'm unique!

also, I loved the limerick.

joe said...

I couldn't resist the temptation to post my own:

The commutative property's great
Its utility does not stagnate
Just reverse 2 + 6
When you need a fix
And you'll always still end up with 8

Mike Machenry said...

Haha! You rule, Joe.

SeanConnery as the GreenKnight said...

A professor of mine is writing a history of western theology in limericks... currently looking for a publisher!

brainie said...

Since I just read a book on it, I can't get phi out of my head. Enjoy.

When inverted it's only one less
and when squared do you think you can guess
It's only one more
I checked and I'm sure
A ratio that's golden oh yes